Conference Tracker - How do I update the session evaluation survey?

Conference Tracker - How do I update the session evaluation survey?


In Conference Tracker we use session evaluation surveys which are very useful to get feedback from the attendees about the quality of the session. A survey will be automatically sent each time an attendee enters a session if enabled, these questions can be changed as needed. In this article, we review how to customize this evaluation as needed. 


1- Go to Attendance-->Session Evaluation:

2- Options in the Session Evaluation screen:

   2.1- Edit Survey:

With this option, you can choose what specific topics you need to evaluate from the session, you can delete entries by clicking the small red icon to the right of the topic, and/or you can add topics by clicking the "Ask question" button.
Notice that if you scroll down there is an option to allow open comments.

   2.2- Customize Survey:

Use this option if you want to change the evaluation survey for a specific session, on step 2 you would have to search and select the appropriate session:

Now you can add/remove/change topics to be rated from that specific session:

   2.3- Summary report.

With this option you can see a report on each topic that was rated, you have a "Print Report" button to have a hard copy of the information:

  2.4- Evaluation session.

With this option, you can see detailed information about each session.

  2.5- Summary report.

With this option, you can see some analytics about the rating each topic had. 

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