AccuCampus How to create Action Items ?

AccuCampus How to create Action Items ?


Action Items in the most simplistic way refer to such tasks or goals that users need to accomplish. In this article, we will discuss how school staff and administrators can take real-life school tasks and turn them into AccuCampus Action Items that can be described/assigned and followed by the students to help them succeed.


1-Describing simple tasks to create Action - Items.

What characteristics must be present when thinking about simple tasks that can become Action Items.?
1-A task must be goal-oriented, some results must be achieved when fulfilling the task and this must be  in one or very few interconnected actions/steps.
2- The task has a determined deadline to be completed.
3-The task deals with very few actors, meaning the user in charge to carry on the task must interact at the most with 1 or few other users to achieve it, otherwise, the task becomes too complex.

For example:
Students must go to the library and get a library ID within 2 weeks of enrolling in the Semester. 
In this Action-Item as we can see there is 1 specific goal or result needed( to get all students their library ID), there is a linear action where each student must go to a single location or few locations and perform a single Action with 1 or very few actors(the library staff).

2-Translating students' tasks to AccuCampus Action Items.

2.1-Now that we have specified this Action-Item description we can translate it to AccuCampus by clicking on Action Plan--> Action Items:

Click in the highlighted option:

2.2 In the new screen type all the information required, the description must be detailed enough to have each and every  steps/requirements needed for a user to complete it. 

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