How do I manually sign in to the AccuCampus App?

How do I manually sign in to the AccuCampus App?

Phone having trouble reading our QR code or do you want to sign into AccuCampus with your manual login information? In this article will demonstrate how to sign into the AccuCampus app with your username and password. 

 Once AccuCampus has been downloaded, locate and tap on the AccuCampus app  


2. Once you have found AccuCampus in the app store and downloaded our app. AccuCampus will now be accessible on your mobile device. Logging into the app is a bit different from your school's site, few extra steps are required but these steps will only be done once. Manually sign in by selecting, Or Login With Username & Password highlighted in red.

 - Insert the school's domain, Example:  (Domain is usually the part after the @ in your email, without the .edu or .com)

   - Insert the email address provided to you by your school.
   - Insert the password that you have created (If you do not remember your password or this is your first time using the app, see the next step.) 

3. New Users 

First-time users using AccuCampus's app must create a new password to gain access to their account, this done by selecting Forget your Password on the app's homepage found under password.   

If you're wondering where or how to download AccuCampus's app we suggest that look into this article: How to download and sign into the AccuCampus app

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