AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How to Change the Database Location

AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How to Change the Database Location

Method 1: Sign-in to the AccuSQL client as a system administrator and change the database location

Step 1:      Open AccuTrack/AccuSQL and log in with Admin credentials. Now, from the right-side menu of the System Administration screen, click the Database section.

Step 2:      Click on the Database Location button in the middle section of the screen.

STEPS 3-4 applies to AccuSQL users only!  AccuTrack users select "Native" and then enter the Application Shared Path as the shared "AccuData" folder and proceed to STEP 5.
Step 3:      Select the SQL Server radio button and click Next

Step 4:      Enter the SQL server connection info section. 

Tip: When you fill out the server, Authentication mode, UserName, and Password fields, then click Test Connection to verify the test connection is successful.  If it is successful, you will be able to select the Database from the drop-down menu.

Step 5:      Click the Save button.

Step 6:      You will receive this prompt, click OK to continue.

Step 7: Exit out of AccuSQL completely and relaunch the application.

Step 8: You should now be connected to the new database location when you reopen the software.

Method 2: Change Database location using setdatapath.exe

Note: This method is very useful if:
  1. the database for AccuTrack/AccuSQL is ever migrated (Server upgrade, etc.)
  2. the SQL user account or AD user account with access to the SQL database is ever changed (password update, change in users, etc.)
  3. the software will not open due to an error
Repeat Method 2 on each computer that the AccuTrack/AccuSQL client is installed on.

Step 1:      In File Explorer, open the Program folder for AccuSQL. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)" and open the current version of the AccuSQL or AccuTrack installation folder.

STEPS 2-3 applies to AccuTrack users only!  AccuSQL users skip to STEP 4.
Step 2:      Locate the "accudata" folder on your computer or network.
Note: You may need to consult with your IT or data team to locate this database.

Step 3:     Copy the file path to the "accudata" folder and temporarily paste it on Notepad for easy reference later.

Step 4:      Go back to the AccuSQL program folder. Locate and Run setdatapath.exe

Step 5:      Select SQL Server and Click Next

STEP 6 applies to AccuTrack users only!  AccuSQL users skip to STEP 7.
Step 6:     Copy the file path location from Notepad and Paste it into the Application Shared path

Note: This will most likely be located on a network drive and not in the install directory as shown above.  The "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuTrack2020\AccuData" location is a blank database available used to start a new AccuTrack instance.

Step 7:      Fill out the SQL server connection information and Select the database.

Note: For AccuSQL users, the Application Shared Path is used to store shared reports, updates, and files.  If you have a network location that all computers can access you may want to use this instead of the default settings in this field. 

Step 8:      Click Save in the middle of this page.

Step 9:      Click OK on the confirmation message.

Step 10:      Launch AccuTrack or AccuSQL.  You should now be connected to the new database location that you set.