Accudemia: How do I send Surveys to Specific Students or Student Groups?

Accudemia: How do I send Surveys to Specific Students or Student Groups?

This is possible by doing the following:
  1. Running a Attendance By Students Report that you set to create a Student Group.

    *Be sure to select the Period Filter to include the complete list of people based off visits you want.
    Related to page: /Private/Reports/ReportFilters.aspx?p=attendanceDetail

  2. Now that the group has been created we will want to name the group.  So go to User Accounts > Groups.

  3. Look for a tab at the top that states "Report-Generated Groups" and click on it.  Once there select the one at the top of this list (as it should be the last report-generated group you made) and click the Edit button.

  4. From here simply give the student group a name and click the Save Changes button at the top.

  5. Once the Student Group is created now we will setup a manual survey to go only to those students.  Go to Surveys under the Administration section and click the Create New button. (Or clone an existing survey so you do not have to recreate the questionnaire portion.)Give this Survey a Name, then select Manual for Display to User:, then click the [select] link next to the Show to: Group: option.

  6. Then when creating your survey search for the group name and select it.  Finally create the questions and answers (skip if cloned) on the questionnaire tab and click the Save Changes button when done.
This is a lot to do it seems but if you follow the steps above all those folks will be messaged to complete the survey.  You can also use that group again to send another reminder e-mail about completing the survey with the communication tools in Accudemia.

Related to page: /Private/Surveys/List.aspx