How do I map roles in AccuCampus and what do the different mappings do?

How do I map roles in AccuCampus and what do the different mappings do?

AccuCampus supports unlimited roles. Role mapping allows the system to recognize which roles are treated as students, instructors, staff, etc.
Before a role can be mapped, it must be created. See How do I create user roles within AccuCampus? for instructions. 

1. From the AccuCampus main menu, hover over Advanced Options.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click User Roles.

4. Click on Role Mappings.

5. To map a role to any category, simply select it from the drop-down menu. To remove a role from a category, click the red circle next to the role name. Changes made to any role mapping will take effect instantly, without the need to save.

6. The role mapping, Users that visit locations, attend courses, and/or classes, treats users with this role as attendees for locations. Users with a role under this mapping will be able to sign into any sign-in station or be signed to any location as an attendee (not for staff tracking), as long as they are not under an attendance restriction. Most often, students will have this ability, as well as users who need to be counted as attendees, such as faculty for professional development workshops.

7. The role mapping, Users that can be registered as a professor/instructor in a class, allows users with these roles to be designated as instructors for any class in AccuCampus.

8. Roles mapped as, Users available as staff will be selectable from the drop-down menu in the Sign-in Station settings, which allows them to be selected by attendees during sign in/out, or to sign in themselves for their work hours. Users with this role will also have a new option added to their profile to edit their availability schedule and available courses and services, though they will not be able to control their own availability without appropriate permissions.

9. Users with roles mapped as Users that attend to appointments will be able to make appointments as attendees through the AccuCampus browser version or mobile app, for any location, service, or staff member they are not restricted from.

10. Users with roles mapped as, Staff available for appointments can be selected by attendees or administrators who are making appointments.

11. Users with roles mapped as, Appointment administrators will be able to make appointments for attendees, and will also be able to override restrictions due to location policies, staff schedules, or attendance restrictions.

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