How do I create a multi-step sign-in station in AccuCampus?

How do I create a multi-step sign-in station in AccuCampus? (Multi-Step Kiosk)

Use the multi-step kiosk to have the user select additional options, such as location, course, service, or tutor before signing in. This can be useful if a sign-in station has multiple locations. To learn how to install an already created sign-in station, see How do I enable/install a sign-in station for a center in AccuCampus?

1. From the main sidebar, click Center Visits.

2. Click Sign-In Stations.

3. Click Create new.

4. Enter a Station Name. This identifies the sign-in station within the system, but does not display to users who are signing in.

5. Enter a Title. This is the name that displays to users when they sign in. It can match the station name, or be different.

6. Enter Instructions. These display to users when they sign-in. We recommend using this space to explain to users how to sign-in to your center. 

7. Select Center Attendance
To learn how to set up a sign-in station for class attendance, see How do I set up a sign-in station for courses (Single-Step Kiosk) in AccuCampus

8. Select Multi-step Kiosk as the Sign-in/Out Mode.

8. If desired, enter an Admin PasscodeThis will restrict the ability of a user with permission to change the event or quickly enroll users if they don’t have the passcode.

9. If desired, set the following information to display on the sign-In station screen once a user signs-in. You can choose the length of time that the information will display.

10. Choose the Location where the sign-in station will be used. If you are setting up a kiosk for a one-stop shop, you can choose multiple locations. To learn how to further refine the settings for the sign-in station at that location, see How do I edit the location settings for a sign in station in AccuCampus?

11. If desired, add a survey to your station from the drop-down list under Survey Integration. For more information on how to integrate a survey, see How do I use survey integration with sign-in stations in AccuCampus?

12. If desired, enable a Beacon as the sign-in station. You must first create a Beacon Profile before enabling this feature.

13. There are two options for saving the sign-in station.

Save & Install Here – saves the sign-in station and displays it within the browser you are using once you log out of AccuCampus.

Save without Installing – saves the sign-in station only. This allows you to create the sign-in station on one device, but deploy it on another device.