How do I adjust attendance settings within AccuCampus?

How do I adjust attendance settings within AccuCampus?

Within this page, you are able to set global settings for attendance as well as location-based settings for it. The global settings are the default for the entire system. In order for a location to have settings different from the default, they must change the settings on their specific location by changing the scope. The ability to adjust these settings is based on your permissions.

1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Advanced Options.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Attendance.

4. Choose the Scope to edit settings for. The default is Account, which controls the global settings for all locations. To change the scope, click Change and select the Location you want to edit settings for. Make sure to click Set Scope once the location is selected.

Controls settings regarding session logs, specifically if users are automatically signed out, what the default session log time will be, etc. These settings affect class attendance, center attendance and event attendance.

Set a time for a new log to be created if a user has not signed out. Session logs require a user to sign in and sign out to be created – this setting ensures that a log is created, even if the user doesn’t sign out.

 Set the default time for the new log that is created if a user doesn’t sign out.

 Select if session logs must start and end on the same date. This ensures that new logs created don’t straddle two days.

 If desired, require users to sign out.

In order for a new log to be created based on the inactivity period set above, check automatically sign users out after the activity period.

If desired, automatically sign users out when they sign in to a different location. This ensures more accurate session logs.

If desired, limit users’ ability to edit session logs after a set time limit.

If desired, set a required duration for a session log to be valid. Any session logs that are shorter than the selected time will be marked as invalid and the data will not be tracked.

Click Save.

Allows you to set limits on how early or late an attendee can sign-in and still be counted as attending the course.

If desired, set a specific time limit for signing in and out. This allows attendees to be counted as signing in or out if they arrive early or stay late for the course.

If desired, set a required presence percentage for attendance to count. This means that a user must be present for a specific percentage of the course session for their attendance to count.

If desired, make these settings the default for all existing courses. This will overwrite any settings that were created at the course level.

Click Save.

Class Attendance 
Allows you to customize the available attendance statuses and identify which action will be tied to which status. To do so, click customize.

Currently available statuses will be listed. You are able to remove these statuses, give them weight and set the key value for them.

To add additional statuses, click Add other status.

Set selection rules for each status. This tells the system which attendance status to assign to the session based on when the user signs in or out.

If desired, apply the changes to all previous course attendance for a given term.

Click Save.

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