Conference Tracker - How do I manage attendance logs that have already been generated?

Conference Tracker - How do I manage attendance logs that have already been generated?



1- Go to Attendance--> Manage Attendance:

Manage Attendance - In this section, you will be able to see every single scan performed by your Operators. You can also see full attendance logs, create any logs or scans missing from an attendee, and fix any issues that have appeared from scanning.

In the Manage Attendance section, you can view and manage attendance logs and scans. A scan refers to a scan performed by an Operator when checking an attendee in to or out of a session. A log refers to when a user signs in and signs out of a session, creating a log of their time spent at that session. These logs show every users' swipes/scans into sessions.

2-Go to Attendance--> Check-In Stations:

This function allows you to create stations on your device that can be set up for attendees to self-check-in. The Check-In Station is installed directly onto the web browser. Attendees simply need to search themselves on the station by using their email address and last name.

Creating a Check-In Station To create a check-in station, click on the blue Create button on this page. You will be asked for a name for your check-in station and any instructions you would like to provide your attendees when they are using this station. You can also enable or disable several options on the station

3-Go to Attendance-->Email Broadcast:

Mail Broadcast - With the Email Broadcast feature, you can send out an email through Conference Tracker to any user in your Conference Tracker account. You can send these out to either specific people, or group them by roles, sessions, or attendee groups. This feature helps easily contact any user found in your account with any important updates to your conference.

This is a great new tool to communicate with any group of users from AdministratorsExhibitorsPresenters, and more! You can e-mail just one specific attendee or multiple users of your choice through Conference Tracker. This makes it easier to contact all of the users in your account without having to email them one by one.

4-Go to Attendance-->Push Notifications:

Push Notifications - The Push Notifications feature allows you to send a notification to any attendee or group of attendees who are using the Conference Attendee app. You can choose who will receive the announcements and even schedule them out for a later time. This is useful to quickly update your attendees on any news you may have for them.

5-Go to Attendance--> Session Evaluation:

Session Evaluation - This section allows you to create session satisfaction surveys for your attendees to take. Surveys can only be completed by attendees using the Attendee app. Attendees will be asked to complete a survey upon signing in to a session, but they can also manually access uncompleted surveys using their app at a later time.

6-Go to  Attendance--> Swipe Card:

Swipe Card - This section allows you to swipe an attendee in or out of a session. This is used as a backup method for attendance tracking. Use this if you are having any issues with your Conference Tracker app!

7-Go to Attendance-->Session Qr:
Session QR - The Session QR section allows you to generate QR codes for each of your sessions. If your attendees are using the Conference Attendee app, they can sign themselves in and out of a session using these QR codes!

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