Conference Tracker- How do I create new companies?

Conference Tracker- How do I create new companies?


In Conference Tracker you can create and manage the companies that will be attending your conference. This allows your users to be able to input the company they represent, whether they are a regular attendee or an exhibitor.

This is primarily used for Exhibitors' Companies so you can view/manage their Sponsorship Level, help them create their Conference Leads Survey/Questionnaire, and view their Conference Leads limits (The number of Exhibitors for each Company that are licensed to use the Conference Leads app).


1-Go to Conference-->Companies:

2-Create New Company

Note: Usually, the Company will not need to be created manually if you are importing your Users (Exhibitors and Attendees) or having each sign-up/register online through Conference Tracker's Online Registration. Both of these processes will automatically create any new company entered.

To create a new Company:

  1. Click the Create button.

  1. Fill out the required fields (Company Name).
  2. (Optional) When creating a company, you also have the opportunity to add more information, such as company description, booth location, sponsorship type, and contact information.
  3. Finally, click the Save button when complete.
  4. If you would like to edit the company information after saving it, you can click on the company name on the main Companies page to enter it's editing page.

3-Promotional Content


Each company profile allows you to upload one piece of Promotional Content. This could be an image or a video that showcases your company. Attendees will be able to view this information when visiting a company's profile on the Conference Attendee app. (Note: The Promotional Content will only be visible if the company is set to be a Sponsor or an Exhibitor.)

4-Watch a short video about how to create a Company:

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