Conference Tracker: How do I create Check-in Stations?

Conference Tracker: How do I create Check-in Stations?


Conference Tracker allows Staff members with the correct permissions can create Check-in Stations on devices.  These devices will be used by attendees to check themselves in, print their own Badge, update their information, and more. This article will explain how to install a Check-in Station onto a device.


1. Navigate to Attendees > Check-in.

2. Click the Check-In Stations button.

3. Click the Create button.

4. Enter the following information:
  1. Name: Give the Station a unique name (normally including the Conference/Session name if possible).
  2. Instructions: A set of instructions for attendees to follow when signing in.
  3. Allow Badge Printing: Enable to allow attendees to print their own Badges when they sign in.
  4. Allow Updating Contact Information: Enable to allow attendees to update their information from this Station.
  5. Allow New Registrations: Enable to allow new registrations from this Station.
  6. Show Captcha on Registration Screen: Enable to show a captcha code for the attendee to enter (to ensure it's a person using the Station and not a bot).

NOTE: Once all the previous options have been selected, now the Station can be saved. Clicking the Save & Install button will get the Station ready for use, or click Save Changes to save the Station's progress for installing later. Once the Station is installed, Conference Tracker needs to be logged out of completely.

Using the Sign-In Station

1. Click the highlighted link in the yellow banner at the top to check in.

2. Type your email address and last name, then click the Check-in button.

3. Choose from the features offered when the Station was first being created.

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