Accudemia: How do I turn an Apple device into an attendance tracker & public login station using iAccu?

Accudemia: How do I turn an Apple device into an attendance tracker & public login station using iAccu?


iAccu is an app that will allow Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to act as portable attendance trackers. The camera will also be able to read barcodes on the back of student ID cards, and it can register magnetic card readers if one is hooked up to it. Students can also type their login information onto the device if they don't have a card.

To use the iAccu app, it must be downloaded onto a device and registered onto the college's Accudemia account. This article will explain how to download and sync a device using iAccu to a college's Adducemia account.

NOTE: Each Accudemia account has a maximum number of devices that can be synced to it.  New devices will be blocked from syncing when the limit is reached. Older devices will need to be desynced to make room, or Engineerica must be contacted to increase the device limit.


1. Download and Install IAccu from the App Store.

2. Open IAccu and log into Accudemia by typing in the college's domain, as well as the normal account login information.

3. Click OK when the app says it cannot sync with the server.

This is because the device hasn't been registered with the college's Accudemia account yet. By trying to log in with the device, it will keep track of the attempt so it can be more easily activated in steps 4-5. If the device has already been activated, skip to step 6.

4. Open a web browser and log in to Accudemia as an administrator, then navigate to Administration > Sign in Stations > Offline Devices (iAccu) on the home page.

5. Select the device that had tried to log in using iAccu, then click the Activate button.

A pop-up will then appear, confirming that the iAccu device was activated successfully.

6. Open the iAccu app again and click on "Sync with Accudemia," or sign out then sign in again to sync automatically.

The device should now be fully synced to Accudemia and be able to track attendance through it.