Accudemia: How do I send messages to several people at the same time?

Accudemia: How do I send messages to several people at the same time?


Accudemia has an in-built messaging system where users can send messages to one or more other users. This article will explain how to send messages to multiple people, as well as groups and classes, using this system.  For additional information on Accudemia's messaging system, follow this link.

Note: The Messaging feature needs to be enabled for this article. If it's not already, navigate to Administration > Control Panel > User Accounts, then scroll down to the "Communications" section and check the "Enable messaging" box.


Selecting users manually

This is a good choice if there aren't that many people that need to be included in the message. If a large number of users need to receive this message, it may be better to use the groups or classes feature explained later in this article.

1. Click the "New Message" button on the bottom-left of the screen.

2. Click the magnifying glass, choose "Everyone" in the "Show" tab

3. Begin adding users by typing their names and selecting them from the suggestions that appear.

Selecting entire groups or classes

If the recipients of this message are an entire group of people, it can save time and reduce the chance of accidentally missing someone by messaging an entire group or class. To do that:

1. Click the magnifying glass and choose "Groups" or "Classes" in the "Show" menu.

2. Begin typing the group or class name.

3. Select the group or class from the suggestions.

For an explanation on how to create groups, follow this link.

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