Accudemia- How do I remove a Sign-in Station to login to the system?

Accudemia- How do I remove a Sign-in Station to login to the system?


In Accudemia all "Sign-in Stations"(Kiosks) are entry and exit gateways for staff and students to sign-in and out of their center activities and their classes. The computers that are set as Sign-in Station usually fulfill this only purpose to track attendance, however, sometimes it might be necessary for an administrator to remove the Sign-in Station screen to actually log in to Accudemia to do some work, in this article we describe how the process works.

There are two main ways to remove the Sign-in Station from a web browser:


If there is a “Login” button in the Sign-in Station/Kiosk screen then simply click this button and use your credentials.

1. Click the Login button and log in to Accudemia.

2. Navigate to Administration > Sign-in Stations > Computers.

3. Click the Uninstall Kiosk button.

What if there is no“Log in” button in the Sign-in Station/Kiosk?
In Accudemia administrators can remove the login option from the Sign-in Station screen, if this is the case, we need to remove the web browser “cookies” for our Accudemia system.
A “Cookie” is a small piece of data stored on the user's computer(in this case the Sign-in Station computer) used by the web browser to store information relevant to the user preferences and similar, so while you browse some websites (such as Accudemia) the web browser uses those "cookies" to store the Sign-in Station information, which is why we need to clear all cookies related to our Accudemia, so to make the web browser forget that this is a Sign-in Station and allow us to proceed to the Accudemia regular sign-in address.
Firstly, make sure to delete ONLY the cookies related to your Accudemia system, you should not delete ALL cookies,  Accudemia's database-information will not be affected, this is only to delete the temporary “preferences” information saved by the web browser. If you do not feel comfortable doing this contact your I.T staff for help.
The process to clear cookies varies depending on the web browser you are using, please search how to do it for your web browser, this example is with Google Chrome:

1. Navigate to the browser's properties.

2. Search for "cookies."

3. Click See all cookies and site data.

4. Locate the college's specific Accudemia website and click the trash can beside it to delete it.