Accudemia: How to quickly make a set of courses available to all students in a center?

Accudemia: How to quickly make a set of courses available to all students in a center?


The Accudemia Data Exchange (ADX) can be utilized by administrators to mark all or specific courses as available to all students.  If the center offers a large number of classes that should show up as available selections for all students then this process is much faster than marking these classes individually in Accudemia. This article will explain how to set up the CSV file, import it through ADX, then check to make sure the import job was successful.


Add a new column to the Course Import CSV file

1. Open the Course Import CSV file and add a column like "Subject Area is available to All Students" or "Available to All", etc.
NOTE: This column will contain boolean values of 0 or 1. If the value for a course is set to 0 then this means the course
IS NOT available to all students. If the value is set to 1 then the course IS available to all students.

If you don't have a Course CSV Import file you can export them from the data already in Accudemia or create the file.

2. Save the changes to the Course Import CSV file.

Setting up the new field to import in ADX

1. Open the ADX Import Tool and create a job (or edit a current job).

2. Select the updated Courses Import CSV file to select as the source and then click next to move on to the "Choose a Data Source" screen.

3. Map every column of the Course Import CSV file including the newly created one as shown below:
4. Continue by clicking the Next button several times and then click the Finish button to complete this process.

Run the import job in ADX.

1. In the ADX Import Tool click the green link to Run import job now! 

2. Now to check whether all the data was imported correctly you can log in to Accudemia and navigate to Administration > Advanced > Import section.

3. Click on the View Server Execution Status button.

4. The most recent import job will be at the top of the list so click on the Completed link to check the details to ensure the process ran correctly.

TIP: If there was an issue with the import then the link may show up with the Error message instead.

Checking the import was successful

1. Navigate to Administration > Subject Areas section.

2. Check each Subject Area/Course by clicking on their names.
NOTE: Every Subject Area/Course that was given a boolean value of 1 should have the "Available to all students"
checkbox selected at the bottom of this screen, just as every class given a 0 should have the option unchecked.