Accudemia: How do I prevent walk-ins while allowing appointments?

Accudemia: How do I prevent walk-ins while allowing appointments?


In Accudemia, attendance tracking for walk-ins and appointments are core concepts, by default you can prevent appointments in Administration -> Control Panel -> Appointments and using the option "Disable appointments scheduling". This method is not available for Walk-ins, however, following this article we will show you how to make sure that students have no access to walk-ins while keeping the possibility to participate in the appointments they schedule.


Uninstall the physical sign-in station

1. Find the machine where the kiosk is installed and log in.

2. Navigate to Administration > Sign-in Stations > Computers and click the Uninstall Kiosk button.

If there are virtual kiosks for walk-ins, make sure those URL's are no longer accessible.

Set the services associated with the appointments as "online"

1. Navigate to Administration > Centers and Classrooms.

2. Select the Center.

3. Click the "Services" tab, double click in the service(s) that will be used for the appointments, and enable "Allow online sign-in for appointments."

Setting tutors & students up

1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts, use the "Tutors" filter on the left, and ensure that every tutor who will be helping with these appointments has a connect link.

A "connect link" is a URL that leads to a meeting platform like Zoom or MS Teams.

2. Check that every student has their email address on their profile by either individually checking them, or checking the Accudemia import files.

Students will receive an email when it's time for their appointment, so it's essential that they have entered their email address on their profile so Accudemia can send the invite.

Setting up automatic text messages

1. Navigate to Administration > Control Panel > Appointments, select the college as a scope, and scroll down to the "Email Notifications" section.

This will send text messages whenever an appointment is created, modified, or canceled.

2. Make sure that at least one of the "Email templates" that will be sent to the participants contain the URL link for those appointments that are online, for this please visit:


With this method, we have guaranteed that students will be able to click their appointment links and perform their appointment, but they will have no options to do walk-ins.