Accudemia: How do I manually create Subject Areas?

Accudemia: How do I manually create Subject Areas?


Administrators can manually create new subject areas rather than using ADX. This article will explain how to create a new subject area.

Manually added subject areas may conflict with ADX when imported, and information can be lost. Contact the administrator in charge of ADX before proceeding.


1. Navigate to Administration > Subject Area.

NOTE: If Subject Areas isn't visible, it's likely that administrators have changed the name of this screen to something like "Courses."

2. Click the + New Subject Area button.

 3. Fill in the text boxes and enable options on the "General Information" tab.

General Information
  1. Code - Enter the prefix and the code number associated with this subject.
  2. Title - Enter the name of the subject.
  3. Description - Enter a description of the subject. This will be displayed in the Subject Areas list.
  1. Has Scheduled Classes - Enable to add classes to this subject.
  2. Available in all centers - Enable to make this subject a choice for students in all Centers. This is typically used to make this subject area constantly available for walk-ins and appointments.
  3. Available to all students - Enable to register this subject with all students. This will not show up in Registration Reports, however.
  4. Active - Enable to make the subject available.

4. Click on the "Centers" tab and choose which Centers this subject will appear in.

5. Click the "Tutors" tab and choose which tutors will be available linked to this subject.

Both the "Instructors" and "Student Enrollment" tabs won't be visible if the "Has scheduled classes" option was enabled. If this option was enabled, skip to step 8.

6. Click the "Instructors" tab and choose which instructors are associated with this subject.

7. Click the "Student Enrollment" tab and select the students enrolled in this subject area.

8. Click the "Scheduled Classes" tab and begin creating, editing, and deleting classes for this subject.

9. Review all the information in each tab, then click Save Changes to finish.