Accudemia: How do I manually create session logs for student no-shows and unscheduled drop-ins?

Accudemia: How do I manually create session logs for student no-shows and unscheduled drop-ins?


Accudemia keeps session logs of appointments students log into a Center for. A session log is simply a record of the visit itself. However, if the student is a no-show, Accudemia will not automatically record the appointment in the session logs. Administrators can manually add a session log for appointments should the college wish to keep track of student no-shows. This article will explain how to manually add session logs for student no-shows, as well as unscheduled drop-ins.


The student didn't sign in for a scheduled appointment and became a no-show.

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Appointments > View All.

2. Locate the missed appointment by using the search feature on the left side of the screen, then fill in the checkbox beside it.

3. Click the Edit button at the top of the page.

4. Select the Mark as Show button.

5. Click Create new next to "Select the appointment's session log."

"Select the appointment's session log" will show a list of all the recent sessions this student has signed in for. So if it turns out they had signed in for it, that session log could be selected and associated with the appointment.

6. Click
Yes to confirm the creation of a new session log (visit).

A session log will automatically be assigned to the student for the exact start time and end time of the appointment.

Creating a record for a student that didn't have a scheduled appointment

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Manage Center.

2. Click + New Log to open the "Create Session Log" menu, and do the following:
  1. Select the "Student" checkbox,
  2. Select the Center from the dropdown menu,
  3. Search for the student, tutor, instructor, subject area, and services the student received help within their respective search boxes,
  4. Select the Start date/time (From) and Duration.

4. Review that everything is correct, then click Create session log.

To verify that the session log was added in either process, navigate to Center Attendance > Session Logs on the home page, and search for the student.