Accudemia: How do I create groups using reports?

Accudemia: How do I create groups using reports?


In Accudemia, there are several ways to create user groups:
  1. Using the "Create Groups" feature in certain reports.
  2. Via imports using ADX.
  3. Manually going through the Administration > User Groups module.
However, this article will specifically focus on how to create user groups with the "Create Groups"  feature available in certain reports. This is generally the preferred way to do it because it provides extra filters that the other methods don't.

NOTE: Not all reports support this feature, however, the vast majority do.


How to make the group

1. Click on the Reports button on the navigation menu at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the desired report type.

NOTE: This article is using "Zero Visits" as an example.

3. Set the Filter Results, Output Options, then click View Report.

The Zero Visits report tracks students who have not attended sessions. Choosing the Marketing and Math Center and enabling the "Create Group" option means this report will be made up of students who have not visited the Marketing and Math Center in a specified amount of time.

4. Review the results to make sure this was the intended data.

How to inspect the group

1. Navigate to Administration > User Groups.

2. Select the "Report Generated" filter on the left side of the screen.

NOTE: The name of the group will be the type of report that was used, followed by the date it took data from.

3. Click on the group name to see the members, as well as add/remove users from the group.