Accudemia: How do I create a Tutoring Assessment?

Accudemia: How do I create a Tutoring Assessment?

1. Log into Accudemia.

2. Click Center Attendance.

3. Click Tutoring Assessment.

4. Click Create New.

5. Enter a Name for the assessment. This is used to identify different tutoring assessments that have been created within the system and is not front facing.

6. Choose the Location that will use the tutoring assessment.

7. Check Active (if it is not already checked) to make the tutoring assessment active and available to tutors.

8. Edit the Page Title or the Description of the tutoring assessment using the WYSIWYG editor. These are front-facing and will be visible to tutors. If they are left blank, no page title or description will show.

9. A default question will populate. You are able to edit or delete this question.

10. Choose if the answer to the question should be open text, multiple choice, or a label.

11. Choose if an answer should be required to this question.

12. If desired, click Add New Question to add more questions to the assessment.

13. Once the tutoring assessment is complete, click Save Changes.