Accudemia: How do I choose which distribution option is best for my surveys?

Accudemia: How do I choose which distribution option is best for my surveys?


Accudemia offers three different ways to distribute surveys to its users. This article will explain how to find the survey creation tool, then explain the three available options: Internet Access, Kiosk Sign-in, and Kiosk Sign-out.


1. Navigate to Administration > Surveys.

2. Click + New Survey or choose an existing survey to edit and click its name.

3. Scroll down to "Show at" under the "General Information" tag.

Internet Access

This option allows users to answer surveys from their computers at home rather than a publicly used kiosk. If a survey is lengthy it's highly suggested to use this option. Otherwise, students will be stopped from signing in at a kiosk when there's a line potentially forming behind them.

Kiosk Sign-in

Typically, short surveys that ask how a service can be made better are suggested for kiosk sign-in stations. These are going to be questions like, "Would you prefer to meet the tutors face-to-face or online?" A user's wishes and opinions about kiosk-related questions are going to be fresh in their minds when they're logging in. Refrain from using long surveys or questions that require written answers here, as there will likely be a line waiting to use the kiosk.

For this trigger to work, there cannot be a virtual waiting line enabled in that particular Center. If there is, the survey will not appear.

Kiosk Sign-out

Simple surveys asking whether a session was helpful or not are best used at kiosks when a student is singing out. Like with the last option, the student's appointment is fresh in their mind, so asking them directly after the fact will get the best results. This is a strong option for receiving feedback on tutors, advisors, services, and courses.

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