Accudemia: How do I check malfunctioning ADX Imports?

Accudemia: How do I check malfunctioning ADX Imports?


Accudemia can import data using the ADX (Accudemia Data Exchange) tool. On occasion, there can be errors with imports, and the first thing to do in these situations is to find out what went wrong. This article will explain how to look up information on imports.

For more information on how to use ADX, please follow this link.


1. Navigate to Administration > Advanced > Import.

2. Click the View Server Execution Status button on the bottom-right of the screen.

3. Use the date and time to find the correct import from the list, then click on it to see if anything under "Progress" failed.

Note: If there's an error message on this screen, then the CSV data will need to be checked for defects. This could be due to numerous reasons:
  1. missing/incomplete data
  2. incorrect formatting (typically numbers or emails)
  3. non-unique ID's
  4. lost references for those ID's (like trying to import Student_Enrollment for a student whose ID doesn't match the ID in Accudemia)
For more information on the use of data fields in ADX to avoid these errors, follow this link.

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