Accudemia: How do I assign students to a specific tutor for appointments?

Accudemia: How do I assign students to a specific tutor for appointments?


Accudemia gives administrators the ability to assign groups of students to a specific tutor. This means that when these students need help with a subject, they'll only have access to the specific tutor they were assigned to. This is helpful if there's a tutor whose exceptionally skilled at teaching a specific subject, or if a student feels more comfortable with the tutor. These student/tutor associations are Center-specific and won't carry over to other Centers. This article will explain where to find the student/tutor association option, and how to link them together.


1. Navigate to Administration > Restrictions.

2. Select the Tutor Restrictions option.

3. Click + New Association.

This screen will show all the tutors and the students assigned to them. Specific students and tutors can be found by using the search function on the left side of the screen.

4. Search for the tutor, add students to link to this tutor, then click Save Changes.

5. Review that the student/tutor pairing is correct, then click Enable Restrictions button.

If the button says "Disable Restrictions," it means that the restrictions are currently being enabled and can be left as they are.

To test the associations, try to create an appointment as one of the students. If the previously selected tutor is the only option the student's account has, then the association is working.