Accucampus: How to Hide or Show a location based on a tag?

Accucampus: How to Hide or Show a location based on a tag?


In Accucampus you can restrict activities such as appointments in certain locations depending on specific tags, please follow this step by step guide to managing this.

Step by Step 

1- Disable Appointments for the Restricted_Location(the location that you want to restrict). go to Account Settings--> Appointments and set the scope in your Restricted_Location, make sure to hit Set Scope:

2-Now that you are in the right scope (the scope name will appear in the top)check the option for " Disable appointments scheduling "  and Click SAVE:

3-Now we need to create an Attendance Restriction, it will be based in a  Tag, basically, all users that DO NOT HAVE a special tag will not have access to the Ghost_Location, to create the Tag go to :

4-Click Action Assignment tags:

5-Now click Create Tag and set the relevant information like this, remember to click SAVE:

6-Now associate this new Tag with the users that you want  who will be having access to the Ghost_location, such as your administrators, to do this, you can import the Tag or you can go to each user and edit them, then in the bottom right corner assign the newly created tag:

7-Now let's create the restriction :

8-CLick Create Restriction and use this screenshot for guidance, please see my Ghost_Location highlighted, in this case I am hiding 2 locations:


9-Now go and remove any Sign-in Station referencing the Restricted_Location, use the Delete Button for this.

10-That should be enough to achieve your goal, now this location should be accessible to only users with certain Tags.

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