AccuCampus How to change what user information shows at a Sign-in Station?

AccuCampus How to change what user information shows at a Sign-in Station?


In AccuCampus we used Sign-in Stations/Kiosk as entry points where students and staff can sign-in or out from their sessions, appointments, classes, or events. When a user types/swipe the ID at a Kiosk and chooses the different options about what he needs to do either it is to enter a class or an event a summary of some user data and that user selection is shown so the user can check that everything is correct, depending on how much information we need to show or not we can configure those Kiosks. In this article, we describe the considerations that need to be taken into account to customize what needs to be seeing in the Kiosks and how to configure it in the system.

Note: All these steps require administrative permissions.


-How to determine what information is shown at the Kiosks and for how long?

At a Kiosk, there are four pieces of user information that can be shown, lets review them and describe how to decide if we should show it or not at the Kiosk screen and for how long.
-Visitors ID - This is a unique identifier for each user,  in most cases, this is considered confidential information so it is highly advisable to not show it and show just the name instead, or if you do decide to show this information then set the results to show only for 1 or 5 seconds.

-Visitors Name - This is the name of the user. This is recommended to be shown for a few seconds just because the students could have made a mistake when typing their ID and they could unknowingly sign-in/out for someone else, showing the name immediately allows to correct this error if it were to happen.

-Visitors Photo - This is a current photo of the user. This information is important to deter fraud IF a user tries to pose as someone else, especially if this is a Class-based Kiosk and there is an exam or evaluation happening in the upcoming session. It is not unheard of cases where some students prolific in a certain course to have used this "impersonation-scheme" to pretend to be someone else to "help" a friend taking a test or an evaluation on their behalf. Showing the student photo at the time of sign-in to the Classroom there are high chances no student will try this and those who do can get caught.   

-Attendance summary (just when signing-out) - This is a brief explanation of what the user did the past 7 days. This information usually has no identifying information and it is considered safe to be shown.

-How to configure the Kiosk with the options that we need?

Go to Center Visits--> Sign-in Station: 
Select the name of an existing Kiosk to edit it or click Create New to make a new one.

Make the selections based on the last chapter explanation:

In order to get to the option for the Attendance Summary click in the "Edit Setting" link next to the chosen location: