Accucampus, how to allow students to join waiting lines from the App

Accucampus, how to allow students to join waiting lines from the App


In AccuCampus, any student can see a list of active waiting-Line queues and add themselves from the comfort of their own smartphone. Learn how to enable that feature.
You can keep them informed of their position and expected wait time so that students can be ready to meet with staff when their turn comes; no need to share equipment with others to sign-in or congregate in busy areas.

Step by Step

Please go to Center Visits--> Waiting Lines :

2-2) Create a new waiting line or edit an existing one to enable access via the App.

Click “Create Line” or edit an existing line, make sure all the General Information and Tracking Information for the waiting line is correct.
Scroll down to the Remote Access section, then make sure to enable the option “Enable joining using the App” and set a custom message which will be displayed to the student when joining. This will explain their position and wait time. Make sure to click Save when you are done.

3- While in the Remote Section please make sure to use Tokens to send a message to the user when joining a Line,  and also when in the top of the queue,  such as this:

3-Save Changes.

4- Now if a student goes to the Waiting Line section in the App they will be able to see and join this line from the App, also they will receive confirmations from the entry and a message when they are reaching their turn in line.

Note!!: If the user is still unable to add themselves to the Waiting Lines please go to the Advanced Options--> Settings-->User Roles, select the role and make sure that the permissions related to Waiting line (remote access) are enabled in the Action Policy section.

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