AccuCampus- How do I change Courses in a manually-selected Kiosk?

AccuCampus- How do I change Courses in a manually-selected Kiosk?


In AccuCampus you can create Kiosks of several types:
  1. Use Manually-Selected to select a specific class, course, or seminar, and have multiple attendees sign-in.
  2. Single-step Kiosks allow people to sign-in to the Class, Course, or Seminar based on schedules just by swiping their ID card or typing their ID.
  3. Multi-step Kiosks allow people to select additional options such as Location, Tutor, and Course before signing-in.
If you use a Manually-selected kiosk you would have to manually login to change the different Courses/Events to track attendance, in this article we describe the process.



Usually, regular users should not have access to this feature, it should be reserved for Tutors/Teachers or very few users with elevated permissions, please contact an administrator if you think you should have this access or are in doubt.

2-Go to the lower-left section and type the unlock code(if there is one) to change courses.

This Sign-in station where you need to manually-select the courses and classes, in this example it is taking attendance for "Seminar X", we will be changing this to track attendance on "Seminar Y".

3-Go to the lower-left area and type the unlock code, then click "Login".

4-Click “change course”.

5-Search for the new Course, once you find it, select it and hit enter:

As you can see now the Sign-in Station has been set to track attendance to the other seminar, click logout:

Note: If you can not find the Course/Seminar that you need to select then it is probably misconfigured for another location or DateTime, please contact your administrator to check the information.